CrossFit Sweat Shop – Walnut Creek


Getting Started –

What is CrossFit?
The official definition of CrossFit is “Varied functional movements performed at high intensity”. But simply put, CrossFit is a well-rounded exercise program that doesn’t focus on one aspect of fitness. For example, one day you’ll come in and work on getting stronger and another day the focus will be on improving your cardio. Within those workouts, you’ll perform a wide range of movements that are sure to keep things fresh and exciting.

Who is CrossFit for?
CrossFit is for everyone and for all skill levels! It’s a coach-led, class based exercise program that gets you working out with your friends in a fun and safe environment.

I’ve never done CrossFit, what are my options to getting started?
We have plenty of options for you to get started based on your experience and comfort level with exercise. Our most popular method is signing up for the Fundamental Sessions. We have packages from 3-sessions, 6-sessions, and 9-sessions. Signing up for a 9-session Fundamental Package gets you a 2-time a week free month membership as well! You are also more than welcome to sign up for a drop-in class online or just come on down to any of our CrossFit Classes and drop-in as well.

What are Fundamental Sessions?
Fundamental Sessions are 45-minute one on one training sessions with your choice of coach where we cover the functional movements to CrossFit. It’s a great opportunity to learn all of the different movements involved in CrossFit at your own pace and under the watchful eye of one of our coaches. Additionally, we use these sessions to slowly “ramp up” your conditioning until you feel comfortable to hop into classes. You can sign up for your Fundamental Sessions here.

What if I just want to do a Drop-In Class, are Fundamental Sessions required?
You’re more than welcome to come on down and drop-in! Fundamental Sessions are not required for you to get started. With our small to moderate class sizes, our coaches will still be able to provide you feedback and keep a watchful eye on you as you test out class. To sign up ahead of time for a drop-in class, you can go here.

Do I have to have prior CrossFit experience or an exercise background before joining?
Absolutely NOT! A majority of our members have started with little to no experience at all. You’ll feel right at home once you step through our doors. Check out what our current members have to say about their first experience and how they ended up at the Sweat Shop here!

Membership and Classes –

What are your membership prices?
We have membership packages that range from 1x a week, 2x a week, 3x a week, or an unlimited option. You can check out more info on pricing, military discounts, cancellation/hold policies, and even sign up here!

What time are your classes?
We have 6-9 classes per day Monday through Friday, 4 classes on Saturday, and 2 classes on Sunday. Plenty of opportunities for you to get your exercise in. We also have an open gym at 7:30pm Monday through Thursday, 7:00am Monday through Friday, and 10:00am Saturday for members who want to come in and get some additional work in on their own. Here is a full calendar of our weekly schedule.

Class Structure and Programming –

What is a WOD?
WOD stands for Workout of the Day. Each class throughout the day completes the same workout, and workouts vary from day to day. You can check out what’s in store for the weekly programming here. Our programming is done weekly by our coaches so that each workout benefits our own special population of members.

How is the programming written?
We program with multiple levels of experience in mind. Typically, you’ll see 3 levels which are our Rx’d, Advanced, and Beefy options. Our Rx’d option is geared towards the general population, with the intention of coming in to get a good sweat and hangout with your peers. You’ll see simple movements designed to keep you moving throughout the entire workout and having fun while you’re at it! Advanced folks typically have been doing CrossFit for some time now and look for a little bit more of a challenge. We’ll incorporate more advanced movements and up their rep scheme so they can continue to make progress throughout their entire fitness endeavor. As for our beefy option, a small portion of our gym enjoys competing at local comps so we like to prepare them for those situations. Typically, a “beefy” workout contains high skill movements and should be reserved for those that can demonstrate excellent movement quality on a regular basis.

What if I can’t do a specific exercise in a workout?
Never fear! All of our coaches have the capability to scale any workout to fit your current fitness level. We can take any movement and simplify it for you, or even substitute exercises so you can still get the same stimulus as everyone else. Whatever the case may be, there is always an option for everyone!

How is a typical class run?
The coach of your class will always start off by bringing everyone together for a class warm up. The class warm up includes any stretches, mobility exercises, or activation movements that are geared specifically to what you’ll be performing for the WOD. Afterwards, you’ll talk about the workout of the day at the whiteboard and go over any modifications/strategies the coach feels may be necessary. Then under the watchful eye of your coach, you’ll get to exercise! Typically, we leave a few minutes at the end of class for those that want to get extra accessory or stretching in as well.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us.