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1-on-1 Fundamentals

Our 1-on-1 Fundamentals is the best way to get started in CrossFit.  While we do not require new members to go through our Fundamentals, we strongly recommend those that do not have any prior CrossFit experience to take advantage of these sessions.  These personalized 1-on-1 sessions not only expose you to the various movements, exercises, and workout formats found in the group CrossFit Class, they also address any mobility/flexibility issues that you may have to help reduce risk, and maximize results, once you join our group CrossFit Class.

These 45 minute sessions, geared towards those just starting out in CrossFit are offered at a discounted rate when compared to regular private training.  You have the choice between:

(3) 1-on-1 Fundamental Sessions – $179  ($59/session)

(6) 1-on-1 Fundamental Sessions – $339  ($56/session)

*(9) 1-on-1 Fundamental Sessions – $479  ($53/session)*



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