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Member Feedback

CrossFit Kids Class
Currently working on making this a reality!  Having started my career in performance for youth athletes I have a lot of experience in this area.  With that experience comes huge expectations of what a youth class should look like.  My first priority is keeping the kiddos safe.  Given our current space, a kid’s class would need to take place at time outside of our regular CrossFit classes for adults.  Next would be structuring the class, and educating the parents such that it is not simply a “kids version” of the CrossFit we teach to adults.

More sandbags, heavy D-Balls, and a Rescue Randy
Great ideas!  Sandbags and D-balls coming soon! … Rescue Randy… maybe sometime in the future.

Get a Reverse Hyper Machine
In a perfect world we would indeed have a reverse hyper machine, but given the space we have, and the footprint that a reverse hyper consumes, I don’t foresee it being an option for our current space. A little while ago I come up with a good combination of resitance bands and exercise tubing that I feel is a pretty good replica of a reverse hyper. While it surely isn’t Westside Barbell approved, I think it’s appropriate for our demographic at the Sweat Shop.

Have everyone do a better job cleaning their equipment post workout
No one likes catching a cold, so I’m definitely with you guys here!  In addition to having even more disinfecting wipes stationed around the gym, us coaches will try and do a better job reminding everyone to clean their equipment when they’re done with their workout.

Programming a warmup/cool down accessory for post wod
Good feedback!  Anyone interested in doing a little extra work before or after the workout clearly understands the importance of “accessory” work and also probably recognizes there is no way we could possibly program everything someone needs into a 60 minute session.  With the Workout of the Day already being “generic”, in that it is something programmed with our entire gym population in mind, accessory or prehab work would be an extremely useful opportunity to take advantage of our coaches knowledge base by having them do some private programming for you.  James, Marko and DJ all offer private programming.  Whether it’s workouts that are more geared towards your goals, preparing for an upcoming competition, working around an injury, or accessory/pre-hab exercises that are geared specifically to your needs.  You can reach out to any of them to discuss further and see if this is something you may want to try out.

Foam Plyo Boxes
Coming soon.

More GHD’s (Glute Ham Developers)
Not sure if this one meant the actual machine, or programming GHD situps in Sweat Shop workouts.  Either way, due to the size of our current space, we probably won’t be getting any additional GHD machines.  Regarding programming GHD situps, I don’t believe they are essential to general fitness or health, especially when you weigh the potential risks to the spine during hyper extension of the trunk.  If you’re training for the CrossFit Games you’re going to need to do GHD situps, otherwise, they aren’t something I’d recommend.  Nonetheless, if you still want to do GHD situps in a Sweat Shop workout just let one of the coaches know, we’ll be happy to give you what we think is an appropriate prescription so that you can still receive the intended effect of the workout.  I do however see benefits to using the GHD for planks, back extensions, hip extensions, and the modified version of the reverse hyper.  But given that most of these movements are best not to be done in a fatigued state (i.e. during a metcon) we feel that one GHD machine is the most efficient use of our floor space at this time.

Put that sledge hammer, tire, and pegboard to use!
I love all three of these items!  As well as the yoke, heavy farmer carry handles, atlas stones, and the axle bar (fat diameter barbell).  However, since we feel like they are not an integral part of general health and fitness we don’t regularly program them into Sweat Shop workouts.  However, we have them because they are fun for some folks to use and nice way to add some variety to your training.  So again, if you’d like to use them in a Sweat Shop workout, just ask a coach and we’ll be happy to give you a recommendation so you can use these items, but still get the desired stimulus from the workout!

Chipper Saturdays and don’t post it ahead of time
Okay, …. and not a chance.  We’ll program some more chippers on Saturdays (I like them too), but if you don’t want to know the workout, don’t look.  🙂

More Olympic lifting complexes
Olympic lifting complexes have gained a lot of popularity in recent years.  While they can be useful for addressing a particular component (or problem spot) of the clean and jerk or snatch, and thus are most effective when programmed on an individual basis.  And while local CrossFit competitions may have us believe that there is some value to a 1 rep max, touch and go 3 position snatch, if your goal is to improve at Olympic Weightlifting, and minimize your risk of injury, you’re much better off to stay off from complexes like this.

More Sunday workshops / Skill Clinics
I agree, excellent idea!  Stay tuned!

Gymnastic skill training class (i.e. 4 weeks)
In the past I tried to do this and my intention was to outsource the class to an expert in the field, since none of the Sweat Shop coaches have any formal experience coaching or participating in gymnastics.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find a gymnastics coach, who also had experience teaching gymnastics to adults, interested in coming to the Sweat Shop.  You guys let me know, would you rather it be a very low fee and taught by a Sweat Shop coach, or have a higher cost, and taught by a gymnastics coach?

More Overhead Squats
In the 10 years that we’ve been open we’ve never stopped trying to improve our programming.  In the early days we thought it would be sacreligous to post the workout ahead of time as we wanted to be true to the CrossFit creed of “training for the unknown and unknowable!”  With the rise of CrossFit as a competitive sport, and CrossFit Sweat Shop right in the middle of that mix, the programming for our gym began to shift (unknowingly) towards training for the “sport of CrossFit”, which at the time, all of the coaches and many of the members were fully immersed in.  After sometime, and as the gym population continued to grow, we realized that most of our members come to the Sweat Shop because they want to feel good, look good, live a healthy and active life, while still enjoying the mental and physical challenges of the workouts.  Closer examination of our programming revealed that ALL of those needs can be met without requiring people to perform barbell snatches and overhead squats.  And while it’s not listed as an option, the same way we always list Snatch as an option on the days we do Clean & Jerks, Overhead Squat is always an option anytime we are doing back or front squats for strength, or even during a metcon!  Ask a coach if you want a little guidance on the most appropriate weight or reps.

More 1 Rep Max workouts
I agree!  The experienced lifters, who are also coming and have been coming to the gym regularly, could benefit from testing out their 1 rep maxes a bit more often than what we current program.  And while we occasionally offer it as an option on days we may be doing 5×5 or 5×3, know that even if it’s not listed on the whiteboard you can still opt for a 1 rep max.  Keep in mind though, this is different than starting out with 5 sets of 3, then deciding you want to try and go for a 1 rep max.  Get with your coach so they can help you best plan an strategize your sets leading up to your 1 rep max attempts!

Another strength class
Good feedback!  I’ll try and find a time I think would be most successful and we’ll give it a go!

More gymnastics
We are always examining and re-evaluated our programming to create what we believe is the most enjoyable, beneficial, and sustainable combination of cardio, strength, olympic lifting, gymnastics and high intensity conditioning.  While we find the pre-workout gymnastic skill sessions beneficial, we also value the benefit of having plenty of time to thoroughly warm-up and prepare for a high intensity conditioning session, without being rushed for time.  As with other areas, expect to see continued refinement in this area!

Mobility Class
We had a mobility class several years ago, and while it was popular in the beginning, interest and attendance fell off and we eventually opted for a 4:30pm CrossFit Class in it’s place.  If we can find a format and a time slot that is more appealing perhaps we can revisit this idea.

Later classes on Friday evenings
While we are open to this idea, our last class on Friday (5:30pm) currently, and historically, has fewer attendances than our 4:30pm class, as well as the 5:30pm classes throughout the week.  If the demand changes we’ll certainly revisit the topic!

Accept cash payments for gym membership
Trust me, I hate credit card transaction fees, but given the number of members we have at the Sweat Shop, accepting cash payments for monthly membership is just not logistically efficient for us.  However, we do have a 6 and 12 month paid in full option for our Unlimited Membership available, which we can accept cash payment for.  You can see the rates here.

Sweat Shop Tahoe Ski Trip
Excellent idea!  Let’s do it!

WOD on the Waves with Sweat Shop Coaches
Good idea, but Helen get’s sea sick on boats.  Maybe just stick to Tahoe?