Featured Athlete: Meghan G.

Meghan is an excellent example of how hard work and consistency pays off!  While she has been training at the Sweat Shop for a couple of years, there was quite a bit of time when she was only able to make it in one time each week.  Nonetheless, she still got her workouts in on a regular basis at her home gym (including one of those water rowers), often times following the Sweat Shop programming whenever possible.  Nowadays it shows, as she is busting out legit pullups and I forsee her claiming some row records in the very near future!  Read more about Meghan below.

Name:  Meghan Gallagher
Age:  33

Q.  How long have you been doing CrossFit?

A.  About 3 years


Q.  What were you doing for exercise before CrossFit?

A. P90X, Insanity, Boxing, I used to do a lot of group classes at Club Sport Pleasanton, Then I got into free weights with my husband, I used to go to Bodybuilder.com and get workouts from them but nothing under 12 reps b/c I didn’t want to get bulky. Haha!

Q.  How did you begin training at CrossFit Sweat Shop?

A. I started Personal Training at Crunch in Blackhawk and met Helen. I bought a couple of training sessions from her to learn more about her style of training. She then welcomed me into the world of Crossfit and told me about CrossFit Sweat Shop in Walnut Creek.  I dropped in a couple times, then I got pregnant and after I had my son I started going again and haven’t looked back.

Q.  What has been the most significant benefit or change since you’ve been a member of the Sweat Shop?

A.  Everything! haha, When I started I could barely squat at 90 degrees, now my mobility has done a complete 180. I’m back squatting my body weight and still growing. I’m able to do 3 strict pull ups with no band! I did my very first Olympic Weight Lifting meet this past November. Also being around such a great group of people and an amazing group of strong women my self confidence in general has grown so much.

Q.  What is your favorite exercise or workout?

A.  Rowing and Dumbbell Snatch

Q.  What is your least favorite exercise or workout?

A.  Pull ups, they are my biggest struggle.

Q.  What is your favorite cheat meal/snack?

A.  Beer and Whiskey, I count my macros and I always leave room at the end of the day for a least one of those.

Q.  What do you enjoy most about training at CrossFit Sweat Shop?

A.  The Coaches are awesome, everyone is super knowledgeable and patient. During their down time if they are there and have nothing going on and you ask for extra help with a lift or movement with no hesitation they are there to help. The community is awesome too, it’s like a big family.

Q.  Now that you’ve been doing CrossFit, what’s one thing you could never see yourself doing again?  (workout, nutrition, lifestyle, etc.)

A  Going back to the gym and deciding if I’m going to do Back and Bi’s or Chest and Tri’s, haha, I’ve also discovered counting macros through the CrossFit community and it’s really worked for me, I couldn’t really imagine not doing that again.

Q.  What is your proudest exercise related achievement?

A.  Definitely doing a pull up with no band, also the first time I snatched, I don’t think I stopped smiling the rest of the day.

Q.  What advice would you give someone who is hesitant to try CrossFit?

A.  Find a gym that has good coaches and an On-Ramp type class. Try it out learn the movements properly, when it’s done with the right guidance it’s a great workout. You gain strength, proper mobility and are able to build your cardio as well.

Q.  What is your most sought after exercise goal?

A.  To do a muscle-up, to be able to link my toes-to-bar better and to work on my snatch and start adding more weight to the bar b/c I’d like to do another lifting meet.

Q.  What do you enjoy doing outside of CrossFit?

A.  The beach in my favorite place specially if it has tide pools. I read a lot, podcasts are my new obsession, I’m currently binge watching Game of Thrones and also hiking, I’m actually training for my very first Half Marathon trail run from Auburn to Cool in October.

Q. Any advice you would give your 25 year old self?

A.  It gets better


  • Art Hoover

    November 8, 2017 @ 12:19 pm

    I totally missed the boat with Meghan! When I first saw her I misjudged her big time (all the tattoos and she looks like she wanted to kick my ass) but once I met her She is one of nicest people I’ve met! Its always great to work out next to her!

  • Danielle

    November 9, 2017 @ 10:34 am

    I look forward to the workout on Sunday when I get to see and catch up with Meghan!

  • Alandi

    November 13, 2017 @ 8:55 pm

    I love Meghan!

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