CrossFit Sweat Shop – Walnut Creek


Weekly WOD Insights

Monday ***Bro Alert**** Bench Press Day!  But we’ll be keeping it light for this one.  Pick a weight that you can get at least 8 reps with unbroken.  Yes, I know there are plenty of dudes at the Sweat Shop that can get way more than 8 with 135lbs., but[…]

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Oct 9-15 WOD Insights

Monday Happy Birthday Roy! For Part A Deadlifts are going to be with a 2 second pause. Rather than dropping from the top, let’s work on controlling on the way down.  Score is sum of weight lifted. For the Amrap, focus on breaking and taking it easy the first 2[…]

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WOD’s for the Week – Review

I wanted to try something new this week.  As I’m sure most of you already know, we take our programming very seriously, and are quite proud of all that we put into it.  In addition to posting the entire week in advance so that you may plan both physically and[…]

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Factors Limiting Aerobic Capacity

Intensity Muscle Endurance/Volume Strength Technique Pacing While these terms above are not new to the field of fitness and sports, much has been discussed on their importance in improving aerobic performance. My aim for this post is to highlight aerobic capacity and show how some factors, like the ones listed[…]

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MEGATRON: Hip Distraction Series

Got tight/nagging hip issues? We present to you the “Megatron hip distraction series”. In addition to tissue work, basic stretches, and warm-up, using banded joint distraction exercises are extra helpful in alleviating joint-related issues. Like our popular “3-way shoulder mobility drill” with the band, this video demonstrates 5 of our[…]

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“If you don’t use it……..”

You loose it. Simple, right? This post is dedicated to all who have recently…..or maybe in the distant past…gotten either muscle ups, pull-ups, or handstand pushups, and are going through a little skill hang-over and either forgot how to do them or are still stuck and can’t quite progress to do[…]

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