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Weekly WOD Insight 4/11/22

MONDAY – The goal for today is to use part A as a warm-up for folks to go heavier on part B, while also briefly checking in on push press/jerk/split jerk technique which we don’t always program in isolation. The reps are coming from the ground so choose some technical loads for part A. – […]

WODS for April 4th-10th

Monday  A) 5 sets of: 5 Back Squat (ascending weight) *superset with 3-4 sets of 8 B stance or single leg glute bridge each leg B) 21-15-9 Thrusters (rx:75/55)(adv:95/65) Burpees (adv:Bar facing burpees)       **(Beef:1 rope climb after every round, bison: 3-2-1 rope climbs)**      Starting Monday off right with some strength […]

WODs March 28th- April 3rd

MONDAY A. EMOM 18 min  0-5 min: 3 Hang clean or snatch high pull 5-10 min: 2 Clean or snatch 1 in off the floor 10-18 min: 2 Clean or snatch   B. 800 m run or machine equivalent   Today’s lifting EMOM is a little longer than typical so everyone has more time to […]

Weekly WOD Insight 3/21/22

  Monday Longer daylight and warmer weather can only mean one thing…. return of the 1 Mile Run!  While I think having the Contra Costa Canal trail at our front door is nice, others may not be as stoked… therefore, you also have the option to do row, bike or ski equivalent.  The Rx’d distances […]


WOD Overview 1/17/22

MONDAY Happy MLK day! Today each piece has a little test within themselves. For the AMRAP and max distance sections, these were intended to have you hone in on your distance and amrap barometer for 10 minutes. The heavy lift in the middle is a fun little challenge to see what you can hit under […]

WOD Overview – Week of 1/10/2022

Monday Happy Monday! Starting the week off with some quality strength work. For those of you that got to test your 1rm back squat out a few weeks ago it’s time to put your percentages to work with sets at 75-80%. Not sure what your 1rm is? No problem, warmup to a challenging weight in […]

WOD Overview- Week of 01/03/2022

Monday, January 3rd Happy New Year! Today’s work-out features a fan favorite, thrusters. There are also quite a few air squats, 96 for Rx and 144 for Adv. However, there are some good chunks of “cardio” to break up the squats and thrusters. Try to stay conscientious about movement quality in the air squats. It […]

WOD Overview – Week of 12/27/21

  Monday Given that it’s the end of the year/beginning of a new year, and we’ve had several months of consistent strength training since we’ve been back indoors since early in 2021, now’s a good time to test/re-test our 1 rep max.  You’ll see that on this coming Saturday Jan. 1st we have the CrossFit […]

Weekly WOD Review 10/25/21

MONDAY – The top and bottom sections for rx’d and adv should take around 7-9 minutes give or take with transitions while beefy should tap in a little longer. My intention for the short rest is to give you a quick “reset” before smashing on the burpees. 1 minute rest between sections doesn’t seem like […]

WOD Overview Week of 9/27/21

I really enjoyed the week I programmed back in June of this year, so here goes another week!   Monday For those still relatively new to olympic lifting (less than 1 year of experience) your focus should be on “chasing the feel” of a really good rep.  Then replicating that as many times as possible […]