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Weekly WOD Review 9/26/22

MONDAY This workout is designed to keep everyone moving at a quick pace. While the movements are simple, but the monotony can test your patience and pacing. I’d like you to pick a weight you can cycle or do fast singles around the same pace throughout the entire workout and maybe a little faster as […]

Workouts for September 19th-25th

Monday A) EMOM x 10 minutes        Rx: 2 Thrusters        Advanced + spend 10 minutes working up.      to a 2rm for the day -rest 5 minutes- B) Fran sandwitch (RX & Adv) 750m row (Adv:1000m row) -then- 21-15-9 Thrusters (rx:75/55)(adv:95/65) Pullups -then- 800m run **20 minute cap** Framanda […]

Weekly WOD Review – 8/29/22

Monday You’ll use the same weight for both barbell movements today. It’s important that you base your weight selection off of your ability/comfort level with Shoulder to Overheads. To help you make your decision, I encourage you to select a weight for your Shoulder to Overheads that will allow you to complete a minimum of […]

Weekly WOD Review – 8/22/22

Monday Today is an opportunity to work on one of the more technical overhead movements. Most are accustomed or familiar with the Push Jerk, it’s the more commonly used method for getting the barbell from your shoulders to the overhead position. What makes the Split Jerk a bit more complex is the fact that you’ll […]

Weekly WOD Review – 8/15/22

Monday For today’s strength workout, you’ll be performing the same complex as las week. The only different will be in how you are receiving the barbell. You’ll be receiving the barbell in the power position, meaning you’ll most likely catch the bar in a quarter squat. Your coach will be able to discuss the benefits […]

Weekly WOD Review – 8/8/22

Monday For those of you who are familiar with working with percentages, I encourage you to warm up to about 50% of your 1RM Back Squat. As you’re warming up to your starting weight, it’s important to also take into account the other 2 movements that are involved. Depending on your comfort level with performing […]

Weekly WOD insights 8/1/22

Monday  Today is an opportunity to practice higher skill barbell and gymnastic movements under a bit of fatigue. The calories for the first two emoms serve to keep you moving, but not to exhaust you. Do your best to stick to the prescribed intensities for those so they can allow you to focus on the […]

Weekly WOD insights 7/25/22

Monday  Over the past few weeks I have been programming in some alternative strength sessions. We did split squats and reverse lunges which were more knee based movements. This week we will be s2itching over to a more hip hinge based movement in the form of a stagger stance deadlift. Stagger stance deadlifts are great […]

Weekly WOD insights 7/11/22

Monday  It’s been quite some time since we have done paused squats. While your paused squat will inherently be lower than your regular squat, there’s a lot of benefit to doing paused reps in your training. Doing paused reps makes getting out of the bottom position tougher, and can improve your overall squatting ability. Paused […]

WOD Overview 7/4/22

MONDAY Happy 4th of JULY! Here’s a nice chipper in honor of all 4th of July Summer Blowout Sales! Sell out today! Given the simplicity of the format today, those of you who regularly rx or adv workouts and want to go longer run or rower is totally OK today! I’ve included my guesstimates on […]