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Weekly WOD insights 12/19/22

Monday I always love getting positive feedback on workouts, and I always seem to get so much positive feedback on lunge workouts (I’m looking at you Rosa!). I like to work in single leg movements very regularly because I think they are extremely beneficial. Apologies in advance for the soreness! Todays workouts should leave about […]

Weekly WOD Insights 12/12/22

Monday    All my single leggies, all my single leggies. Little bit of single leg work to start off the week. While doing our usual squats is fantstic for improving strength, working ins ingle leg work on a regular basis is extremely important. If you feel confident in your lunging ability, you may want to […]

Weekly WODs 10/24/22

Monday We got some movement variety for ya today! We have a little bit of overhead pressing, some gymnastics practice, and some lateral movement. If you look at CrossFit as a whole, almost all movements occur in the sagital plane (forward or backward movement). While there are amazing movements that occur in this plane, its […]

Weekly WOD insights 10/17/22

Monday  Starting off the week with some meat and potatoes strength. We are gonna work on our push pull patterns and then finish it off with a quick little burner. Instead of having the strength be an emom, or just traditional sets, it is going to be like a met con with a focus on […]

Weekly WOD Review 9/26/22

MONDAY This workout is designed to keep everyone moving at a quick pace. While the movements are simple, but the monotony can test your patience and pacing. I’d like you to pick a weight you can cycle or do fast singles around the same pace throughout the entire workout and maybe a little faster as […]

Weekly WOD insights 7/18/22

Monday  Last week we worked on the halt, so I wanted to bring it back again, but allow you to incorporate some of that work in real time. You’ll have the opportunity to utilize some of the technique work on the lifts as you move through the emom. The finisher is an opportunity for folks […]

WOD Insights 5/9/22

Monday  The inevitable has arrived. Squat sets of 8. We rarely dip into the higher volume sets so I wanted to use these past couple of weeks to get some volume work in. Last week we did sets of 7 so you can use that to guide your weight selection for today. Be sure to […]

Weekly WOD insights 5/2/22

Monday  I probably sound like a broken record talking about aerobic training but I won’t let up! There’s many benefits from specifically training to improve your aerobic system. It improves your bodies ability to deliver oxygen which mainly improves your endurance. This means you can perform at a higher intensity for longer because your body […]

Weekly WOD Insight 4/11/22

MONDAY – The goal for today is to use part A as a warm-up for folks to go heavier on part B, while also briefly checking in on push press/jerk/split jerk technique which we don’t always program in isolation. The reps are coming from the ground so choose some technical loads for part A. – […]

Weekly WOD Insights 2/7/22

Monday  Building from last weeks positional work, we will have you all working from the hang only today. This should allow you to put a bit more weight on the bar as compared to last weeks high hang work because the hang tends to be more mechanically advantageous. It’s still important to keep in mind […]