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💰Money Mobility Moves 2💰

So a while back I posted about money mobility moves. Essentially they’re mobility movements that I think will maximize your bang for buck when it comes to working on mobility in a time efficient manor. I talked last time about the plank wave, if you didn’t catch it I would highly encourage[…]

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Active Recovery Workouts

I am sure by now many of you have heard the term “active recovery” get thrown around a lot. It can take on many different forms for people, but simply put, its an activity where you focus mostly on restorative movement that is executed at a much lower intensity than your regular[…]

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💰Money Mobility Moves💰

As CrossFitters we need to have adequate mobility to perform the wide variety of movements that we encounter in our workouts. We need good shoulder, thoracic, hip, and ankle mobility to safely perform all the movements we are tasked with. Working on all of these areas would take quite some time,[…]

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Weighted Prayer Stretch

Disclaimer: This post has nothing to do with the actual act of praying. Im always looking for ways to improve flexibility and mobility as they are both very important to not only performance in the gym, but also performance in life! Some of the things I have been trying to[…]

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