CrossFit Sweat Shop – Walnut Creek


Fear Not

“So when you accept yourself and you accept fear is a fact, it’s something that happens, it’s something that you will experience, but it’s not a force to hold you back. It doesn’t have any special power other than that which you give it”. -Les Brown (Getting Past Fears)

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Sweaty Swag Board

The “Sweaty Swag” board is up and running at the Sweat Shop!  While we’ve had a goal wall at the gym in the past, this board is more of a PR board and just all around general accomplishments.  One of the main differences is that this one will be erased[…]

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You versus You

In sports and CrossFit, whether you are a competitor or someone just looking to improve, the main focus should be on yourself, what you are doing, and how you are doing it. While this seems like an over-posted topic, it’s easy to get distracted on what other people are doing[…]

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Remembering Your “Why”

While the dust hasn’t even settled on the completion of the CrossFit Open, many of us are already thinking about what we could have done differently, and what we need to do to better prepare for next year.  Whether you’re happy or not about your performance in the Open, I[…]

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17.3 Highlight Video

17.3 in is the books and I’m sad to see it go. This week was a fun one, not only to do, but to spectate and coach! Countless PR’s were being hit or matched all over the gym. The energy and excitement was unreal! Way to go everyone!! Check out the 17.3 highlight video[…]

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Outside The Box Feats

When is the last time you tested your fitness outside the Shop? We are always encouraging our members to get outside our “newly painted” walls from time to time and use the awesome strength and conditioning you’ve gained from your weekly CrossFit training. One recent thing that surprised me was[…]

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