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Weekly WOD Insights 3/9/20

Monday  Haven’t done tempo in a while and since we are doing a month at a time I figured this would be a good opportunity to start to add in some linear progression with changing the tempo from week to week. Try to remember to have someone count for you so you can be more honest with the […]

Boiling Point

I saw this nice little read that should resonate with a lot of folks out in the fitness and sport world on the concept of approaching “plateaus”. The author uses an analogy of one of life’s more simple tasks; boiling water, and connects it with how we should view training to get over the hump or […]

Knowing When to Pivot For a Better Workout

About a month ago I attended a workshop put on by a company called Active Life Rx. In the workshop we learned how to do simple movement screenings that can give us a lot of insight as to what people need to work on in terms of their mobility, flexibility, or strength imbalances. I have […]

Weekly WOD insights 10/22/18

Monday  This week for our back squats we will be working with a format thats a little different than usual. Try to make each set challenging, but aim to not fail any. If you felt like you left a little in the tank on the first sets of 5 or 4, try to increase the weight […]

The Sport of Fitness or Functional Fitness?

Recently I was sent an an E-mail via one of the regular electronic newsletters I receive. The topic was the recent change in the CrossFit Games structure and how it may potentially affect CrossFit gyms worldwide. Essentially CrossFit CEO Greg Glassman wants to usher in a new focus on health and sustainability, as opposed to the current state […]

CrossFit Games Layoffs Signals Big Changes to Come

For years, CrossFit founder Greg Glassman has been considered by many to be a crass individual.  And while most people who are just now becoming familiar with CrossFit know it primarily as what they see on television as the CrossFit Games, or perhaps what their boasting fitness enthusiast friends tell them about how grueling their […]

Leader Board Movement… LET’S GO!

  We’ve still got some blank spots on the leaderboard that need to be filled!  We also have some “dark horses” and some “leaderboard lurkers” that I’d like to lure out of the woodwork!  So this pic is where the leader board currently stands, and from now until the next 4-6 weeks we want to […]

Understanding Intensity

The other day after a short burner met con I was talking with Aaron (pronounced A A Ron) about how effective some of the shorter workouts can be. We both agreed that you really do not need a ton of time to get in a very effective workout. If you understand the intent of the […]

Would you like some Yin with that Yang?

When you think of Yin and Yang you think of balance. Light/Dark, Cold/Hot, Quiet/Loud, these are some examples we can think of that together will create balance. We do our best to create balance in our everyday lives but I think we could all (including myself) use some improvement in this area.

Quadricep Recovery and 18.5 Video…..Almost!

In CrossFit we tend to use the squat fairly frequently, in a variety of forms. Whether it’s the air squat, back or front squat, squat clean or squat snatch, or wallballs, we see the squat show up a lot in CrossFit! This is with good reason, because it is one of the pillars of any […]