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CrossFit Sweat Shop Social

Hey Sweat Shoppers! Come our Friday evening for some friendly ping pong and beer. Try your hand at beating Nabil and DJ! Beers and ping pong will commence following the 4:30 class. Feel free to bring a friend, all are welcome!!

August: Accountabil-A-buddy Month

  Great work to all on keeping the Sweaty Swag flowing this month! There were awesome accomplishments, some big, some small, but what I loved this month was seeing you all challenge each other. Charlie, Jack, Camilo, and Lones accumulated over thousands of pushups together while making their own ground rules. Nabil, DJ, Marko, and […]

The New CrossFit Games

Look for a complete recap of Jacqueline’s weekend later this week from JB.  I on the other hand want to give my insight from what I experienced at the CrossFit Games with it being my first time I’ve been since 2013. Compared to Los Angeles, Madison was a cool little town, just a short, and […]

Walk this Way….Actually, Lets Just Drive

As some of you have known I was gone in Europe for almost a month, but I am now back! You can ask me about the trip any time you see me and I will do my best to give you the abbreviated version, but all in all it was an amazing experience. I saw […]

Spartan Race – Sat. November 11th – Sacramento, CA

A couple of years ago there was a big group of Sweat Shoppers that did a Tough Mudder and it was a really fun time.  From everything I’ve heard, the Spartan Race is even better. Less gimmicky like electrocution wires, and more about just plain old obstacles and fitness.  I wanted to throw this out […]

Hero WODs

Great turn out for Memorial Day “Murph” yesterday! While I wasn’t able to do “Murph” yesterday, I have done it several times, and every time it is incredibly humbling. I came across an old article from the CrossFit Journal on “Murph” and the creation of Hero WODs. Check out how Hero WODs came to be […]

Sweat Shop BBQ

  Big thanks to everyone that came out this weekend to the BBQ at Heather Farm.  Volleyball, badminton and spikeball, where all played in moderation, yet several of us where surprisingly sore the next day.  Perhaps less clean & jerks and more sport specific training in our programming?  We’ll see!  Check out more pics from […]

Do I Have to Be Fit to Start CrossFit?

No. Absolutely no. No one-thousand times over. Having been doing CrossFit for a while, and now working at a CrossFit gym, I get the opportunity to talk to a lot of people about CrossFit who have never tried it before. Whether its a person just checking out the Sweat Shop, or a person I’m having a casual conversation with, […]

BBQ & Volleyball Sat. May 6th 12pm @ Heather Farm

Hopefully the nice weather is here to stay, as we’ll be having a Sweat Shop BBQ and some sand volleyball at Heather Farm next Saturday, May 6th starting at 12pm.  I’ll be bringing the meat and beers if some folks would like to bring a few side dishes that would be awesome!  And of course, […]

Sweat Shop 5K

Great job to everyone that came out for the 5K this past Saturday.  We couldn’t have asked for better weather!  Also, with such a great turnout, and the ever present need to improve our conditioning game, expect another 5K in the not so distant future!  Up next however, for events, will be our BBQ and […]