Author: James

Weekly WOD Review 2/17/20 MONDAY A.) Alternating EMOM for 10 minutes Calories of Choice 75% Ground to Overhead 95/65, 115/75, 135/95, 155/105 Rest 2 minute/Transition. B.) 3 Rounds For Time *403m Run/200/403m (ADV: 403m every round) 15 Wall Balls (ADV: 20) (Beef: 25) TUESDAY 30/25 Calories of Choice (ADV: 40/35 Calories of Choice) OR Run 600m (ADV: 800m) […]

Weekly WOD Review 2/10/20 MONDAY A.) For Quality Work Up to 2-Rep Push Press or Jerk B.) Rx’d 403 Meter Run 21 Russian Kettlebell Swings 53/35 (ADV: American 53/35 or Russian 70/44) 12 Pull-Ups (ADV: C2B) Beef “Roided Helen” 403m Meter Run 21 American Kettlebell Swings 70# 8/6 Bar Muscle Ups (Bison: 12 Bar Muscle Ups) TUESDAY A.) […]

Weekly WOD Review 2/3/20

Wanted to try explaining insights today via video this week. I apologize if you hate my digital voice/experiment! Feel free to fast forward to each specific day for insights. I will try to keep dialing this in but do not mind if you all veto my decision in the comments lol! MONDAY A.) EMOM for […]

Weekly WOD Review 1/13/20

MONDAY  This was programmed around a year or so ago. I like this one as a regular re-test as there are multiple movements you can adjust and gauge improvement on whether you scale up or down the doubles, gymnastics, weight or run. As always, you can also keep everything exactly the same you did last […]

Weekly WOD Review 12/23/19

MONDAY For the “hang” focus, either position is fine. Starting at the pocket/hip works on the final vertical finish, getting tall, and working with less momentum, whereas starting at the knee, the focus is on maintaining hip loaded position longer, shoulders staying over the bar, and a good sweep of the bar in. I put […]

Weekly WOD Review 12/3/19

MONDAY The main work is the 5 rounds where as the snatches and wall balls should be fillers. Mixing a matching is fine and if you are a normal heavy cleaner, feel free to go a little heavier here. If you have toes to bar but 7 and 9 would slow you down, scale it […]

Weekly WOD Review 10/11/19

MONDAY Thanks to all the Veteran’s around the country especially our sweaty shoppers! I know a HERO WOD might be appropriate here, but given that I’m excited at ALL of the workouts this week (not that you need to do them all ;), this one should foot the bill and keep you fresh to start […]

Weekly WOD Insights 10/21/19

MONDAY Here is a link to an article stating some of the benefits from working from the hang position on the oly lifts. The cleans on part B should be something light that you could link or do really fast singles.  A.) Every 1 min for 12 mins 2 Hang Snatch or Hang Clean & […]

Weekly WODS 9/29/19

MONDAY Check out this video here on tips of the early arm bend in the olympic lifts. A slight elbow bend is not necessarily a bad thing, but if you have one, see if yours follow the criteria for an “Ok”. A.) Every 90 seconds for 15 minutes 2 Clean and Jerks ADV: 1 Across @ 80%B. […]

Weekly WOD Review 9/9/19

MONDAY While part B has a lot of rounds, I’d like you to stay moving quickly throughout each of them. Choose a weight you can comfortably move and can easily transition to the next movement. Experienced ADV folks looking to do one more round is totally fine here as long as the weight on the […]