Author: DJ Lynam

Mindful Movement

The simplest way to define CrossFit is: constantly varied functional movements performed at a high intensity. Functional movements can be simply defined as a movement pattern done in the gym that can be utilized in real life, such as a squat, which can help you learn how to properly pick up a box off the […]

Rip No More!

While coaching today I witnessed a few people tearing their hands from doing higher rep pull ups. I am sure many of us are not strangers to the concept of tearing a callous because we did a lot of reps on the pull up bar. Not only is it annoying to deal with during a […]

Strength Primers

We all know that a good warm up is necessary to have a good workout. We need to make sure we spend ample time preparing our bodies for the movements we are about to execute. This may include mobilizing certain joints, stretching or activating certain muscles, or performing drills to hone in technique for lifting. […]

Sprinkle in the Volume

Over the past couple of months something that I think has been a great addition to the gym is the Sweaty Swag Board (Thanks Nabil!). Every time I look at it there is something new added. Whether its extra credit burpees, a PR, or someone writing a personal goal, that thing is filled by the end […]

Walk this Way….Actually, Lets Just Drive

As some of you have known I was gone in Europe for almost a month, but I am now back! You can ask me about the trip any time you see me and I will do my best to give you the abbreviated version, but all in all it was an amazing experience. I saw […]

I Will Be In My Bed

Mentality is everything when it comes to completing any given task. Think back to a time outside of CrossFit where you had a big meeting or project at work, a big test in school, or a competition (does not necessarily have to be an athletic one). Try to remember the mentality you had going into […]

Measuring Success

This post will relate to Nabil’s post on remembering your why and JB’s post he made a while back about you versus you. I wanted to make this post because when I am not blasting the latest EDM hits while I am driving around, I like to listen to a lot of podcasts. One of the […]

Coffee Killing Your Gains?!

No. Coffee is not going to make you less fit than you currently are. Just to take away all knee jerk reactions and nervousness. Coffee is one of, if not the most, commonly consumed beverages in the world. It is an art for some, a social outlet for others, and a daily pick me up for […]

Own Your Mobility

Roll this. Smash that. Stretch this way. When it comes to mobility the list is endless in terms of what we should and could do in order to become a more mobile human beings. A lot of the times it can be overwhelming, and we do not know where to start. Should I foam roll? […]

The greatest site….ever

Warning: Mostly Unrelated to CrossFit So as I have said before I am a huge fan of the website reddit and visit the site daily. Now before you discount the site because of what you may have heard from other people, I strongly urge you to try the site out yourself. Reddit calls itself the […]