An Excuse-Free Year

Look back on your year of training. You may have had some highs and some lows. Think about how much of your success was because of your actions and your hard work. Now think of the shortcomings. Were they in your control? Did someone or something mess it up for you? Maybe you just screwed up or got a little lazy? If you are one of those who believes that you had control over most of these things, then you’re in good shape for continual success! If you think that a majority of these things happened beyond your control or was caused by an external factor whether it be another person or bad luck, it’ll be hard to find success in the long run.

While I think everyone needs guidance and coaching, an important aspect of training that separates good athletes and great athletes (or good fitness go-ers from great fitness go-ers) is self-accountability. Coaches coach, players do. Those who are accountable have a sense of responsibility in their training and really believe they can control the outcome. Think about how accountable you were in 2016 and what you will do different or similar this year? Being accountable may seem like just a mindset, but know it can be worked on.

Here are some CrossFit training pieces that you should be more accountable for this year.

– Showing up on training days that have your weaknesses.
– Reach out to your coaches for extra help with skills, strength, or mobility.
– Stick with the mobility and stability stuff specifically for you.
– Do and COMPLETE the extra skill work or strength work your coaches give you.
– Communicate and check in with your coaches on your training regularly.
– Make a point to take appropriate rest days….or weeks… during a long training stretch.
– Inwardly manage your expectations. Look to your current training. What is realistic?
– Deal with what IS and not what was “supposed” to happen.
– Reduce wasteful energy on negativity, especially on areas that you’ve been working so hard at.
– Police yourself with QUALITY on weight selections for your lifts and metcons.
– Stay honest with yourself. Keep standards and reps counts legit. Log what you truly complete or don’t finish.
– Eat clean. If you need to cheat every now and then, accept the consequences, but get back on it.
– Celebrate your wins, get pissed when you screw up, but have a short memory.
– Get out of the gym from time to time and enjoy life.


  • Al Mendoza

    December 31, 2016 @ 8:28 am

    Good Post!!!

  • Jonathan Klein

    December 31, 2016 @ 1:15 pm

    Amen! Great and specific things to keep in focus this year!

  • Tara Swarts

    December 31, 2016 @ 9:22 pm

    I really like that last comment the best James. Good article! Accepting that u are ultimately responsible for each of your own gains or set backs is key to our individual success

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