Month: March 2022

WODs March 28th- April 3rd

MONDAY A. EMOM 18 min  0-5 min: 3 Hang clean or snatch high pull 5-10 min: 2 Clean or snatch 1 in off the floor 10-18 min: 2 Clean or snatch   B. 800 m run or machine equivalent   Today’s lifting EMOM is a little longer than typical so everyone has more time to […]

Weekly WOD Insight 3/21/22

  Monday Longer daylight and warmer weather can only mean one thing…. return of the 1 Mile Run!  While I think having the Contra Costa Canal trail at our front door is nice, others may not be as stoked… therefore, you also have the option to do row, bike or ski equivalent.  The Rx’d distances […]

Weekly WOD Review – 3/14/22

Monday Happy Monday. Today’s part A is identical to the previous week. If you were able to attend, I encourage you to use last week’s numbers as a reference for today. If you were unable to attend or were not able to record your numbers, you’ll want to use the warm up to build to […]

Weekly WOD Review – 3/7/22

Monday Happy Monday. If you’re needing to scale the Pull Ups, be sure to allow yourself a minimum of 3 repetitions before you’re needing to take a break. It’s important to maintain good discipline through strict movements regardless of whether or not your heart rate is elevated. Understandably, being a bit fatigued makes things a […]