Month: September 2021

WOD Overview Week of 9/27/21

I really enjoyed the week I programmed back in June of this year, so here goes another week!   Monday For those still relatively new to olympic lifting (less than 1 year of experience) your focus should be on “chasing the feel” of a really good rep.  Then replicating that as many times as possible […]

Week 4 – WOD Review 9/20/21

Monday Feel free to choose between Front Squats or Overhead Squats. If choosing to do Front Squats, compare how you do to a couple of week ago (9/9) when we last did this. No worries if you were unable to attend, this is your chance to create a baseline for yourself. Conversely, this is a […]

Week 3 – WOD Review 9/13/21

Monday Today’s challenge will be how well each of you can manage your way through 20 repetitions of each movement. Twenty is a relatively high number, so it’s important that you do not allow your heart rate to become to elevated at any one point of the workout. If you are comfortable with the volume […]

Week 2 – WOD Review 9/6/21

Monday In n’ Out was my inspiration for today’s workout – “Come inside for some Wall Balls and DB Snatches, then out you go!”   Today’s workout isn’t very complex, so it’s your responsibility to manage the intensity! If you feel good, or this is your first workout if the week, I encourage you to […]