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Weekly WOD Review 5/25/20

MONDAY Happy Memorial Murph Day! “Murph” Have fun! *Solor or with a partner split up however. Modified Version: “Half Murph” 800m Run — 10 Rounds of: 5 Pull-ups 10 Push-ups 15 Air Squats — 800m Run Strength Option  Back Squat, Front Squat, or Deadlift 5×3 Across. Compare last 4 weeks[…]

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Weekly WOD Review 5/18/20

MONDAY A.) Mini Barbara 5’s (Murph Preppers) 3 Sets of 5 Minute AMRAPs: 6 Pull-Ups, Floor Pulls, Table Row, or DB Row (ADV: 10) (Beef: 20) 8/6 Push-Ups (ADV: 15) (Beef: 30) 10 Sit-Ups (ADV: 20) (Beef: 40) 12 Air Squats (ADV: 30) (Beef: 50) 2 Minutes Rest b/t rounds,[…]

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Weekly WOD Review 5/11/2020

MONDAY 3 Sets of the following 5 Minute AMRAP: 5 Pull-Ups, Pushups, HSPU (ADV: 7) or (Beef: 2 Bar or Ring Muscle Ups) 7 DB Power Cleans (Single or double arm) 45/25, 50/35, or DB Snatch at equiv weights. 9 V-ups, Jack Knives, HRK (ADV: 5 T2B) (Beef: 7 Toes[…]

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Healthcare Worker Highlight – Megan P.

When she’s not spending time with her daughter Sadie, husband CJ (who is also a healthcare worker), or visiting Disneyland, Megan is a NICU nurse (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) at John Muir in Walnut Creek.  Even though I recently had dinner at Zachary’s Pizza with Megan and CJ while she[…]

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Weekly WOD Review 5/4/2020

Hope you all are doing well and are staying healthy! I’m on duty this month and I apologize in advance if these minimal equipment WODS need a little adjusting (programming-wise).  Keeping with Marko’s strength cycle, I’ve added a 3 lifting days and a functional strength day as it seems most of[…]

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