Month: April 2020

Weekly WOD Review 4/27/20

Monday   Week 4 Strength – This is the last week of my Strength progression. If you’ve been able to follow along, I some guidance has helped! At the very least, I hope I’ve been able to give all of you some new ideas in terms of strength formats.   Every 1:00 for 10:00 3 […]

Healthcare Worker Highlight

Celeste is another Sweat Shop member we are highlighting today!  Longtime member whom I distinctly remember doing front and back squats with only a wooden dowel because she was unsure if she had the strength to do more.  Eventually we added some 2 and 1/2 pound plates…. onto the wooden dowel, because she wasn’t ready […]

Weekly WOD Review 4/20/20

Monday   Week 3 Strength – A good weight for today’s strength would be what you used last week. If you were not able to complete the strength workout last week, go ahead and choose a weight that is around 70-75% or a moderate weight for all of your sets. You’ll be cutting the rest […]

Healthcare Worker Highlight

Most of the time we highlight things our members do INSIDE the gym… however, in the current situation, we have several healthcare workers that are doing some extremely important things OUTSIDE the gym.  CJ has been a member of the Sweat Shop since 2009, and while he’s a pretty quiet guy that keeps to himself, […]

Weekly WOD Review 4/13/20

Hello everyone! Just a few reminders moving forward in this week… 1) All conditioning workouts will be incorporated into our Zoom classes online. 2) All strength workouts will NOT be incorporated into our Zoom classes online. Other than that, enjoy the workouts for week 2 of 4! All coaches will have modifications depending on your available equipment […]

Weekly WOD Review 4/6/20

Hello Sweat Shoppers, It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to write you all some workouts! Although not the ideal situation as of this moment, I’ve prepared 4 weeks of fun workouts to keep you active, healthy, out of trouble, and sane! Before we get started on the first week of workouts, there are a few […]