Month: April 2019

Weekly WOD Insights 4/29/19

Monday  Remember to check the progressions board for the movements you are going to do during the EMOM. If you think you may be ready to progress up in movement difficulty, talk to a coach! For the finisher all the movements should allow you to keep moving. The longer rest between portions should also allow […]

4/22/19 Weekly WOD Review

Monday Just wanted to take a moment to define the focus for each level in today’s finisher… RxD: A majority of your focus should be on the quality of movement versus the overall intensity of the workout. With barbell movements being performed in a fatigued state, it becomes even more important to be aware of […]

Weekly WOD Insights 4/15/19

MONDAY I’ve played around with this format a couple times with the group classes and some of my clients and thought it was a nice combo going from EMOM to AMRAP. Keeping a chill to moderate pace on the first piece will be key. The idea for the EMOM portion is to use the run […]

Weekly WOD insight 4/8/19

Monday  Recently we have been talking about trying to remember how previous squat numbers FELT. Not just simply what the weight was on the bar. We have also been encouraging you all to think about other factors such as is this your third day in a row working out? How did you sleep last night? […]