CrossFit Sweat Shop – Walnut Creek


Single Leg Gains

Over the past month you may have noticed that we’ve included alternate strength options or accessory work to your typical strength days. We believe that this is a great opportunity for you guys to work on and improve any muscular imbalances, stability and just give you guys another means to[…]

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Weekly WOD insights 1/14/19

Monday  Static holds are often a tool we don’t get to incorporate a lot into our programming, but have a lot of benefit. Be sure to figure out which static hold is most fitting for you. If you’re only able to get 10ish seconds on the chin over bar hold,[…]

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Sweat Shop’s Latest Coach Addition!

I’m proud and excited to announce our latest addition to the Sweat Shop coaching staff, Bri Gaipa!  While most of you probably know that Bri has been a long time Sweat Shop member, you may not know that Bri is CrossFit Level-1 certified and has been a CrossFit coach at[…]

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Weekly WOD Review 1/7/19

Monday We’ve done this format quite frequently in the past month, so this is a good opportunity to continue to progress if you’ve followed the instructions each time. As you compare this strength session to your previous ones, some ideas to change it up a bit are: to increase all[…]

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