Year: 2018

Winner Week!

Congrats to our October rope climb challenge winners! The open division (<50) winners Jake/Art: 8 Reps (1:50) Jess M: 7 Reps (1:52) Masters 50+ winners Jen M: 5 (1:59) Chief Banks (:33) It was great seeing you all take a crack at the 2 minute challenge, and for the ones that did, how impressive your […]

10/29/18 Weekly WOD Review

Monday Starting off the week with some interval training! Each interval should take you 3:00 – 3:30 (at the MOST 4:00) so please plan accordingly by checking in with your coach in order to get the appropriate stimulis. Although your score will be total time to complete the workout, I strongly recommend keeping track of your […]

Knowing When to Pivot For a Better Workout

About a month ago I attended a workshop put on by a company called Active Life Rx. In the workshop we learned how to do simple movement screenings that can give us a lot of insight as to what people need to work on in terms of their mobility, flexibility, or strength imbalances. I have […]

Weekly WOD insights 10/22/18

Monday  This week for our back squats we will be working with a format thats a little different than usual. Try to make each set challenging, but aim to not fail any. If you felt like you left a little in the tank on the first sets of 5 or 4, try to increase the weight […]

New Skill = New Challenge

Over the past few months it’s not a surprise to most that we incorporate a few skill sessions throughout the week. As these are becoming a staple in our weekly programming, it’s important to remember that these are great opportunities to practice, build the necessary fundamentals, or condition certain skills in a controlled setting. But what to do […]

Weekly WOD Overview 10/15/18

Weather you can make it in a for a couple days this week or not, try to get outside and enjoy this weather!  Oh man…you know you’re getting up there in age when you screen shot the weekly forecast. #oldman MONDAY The format for today is almost an exact replica of the compare date, just a […]

💰Money Mobility Moves 2💰

So a while back I posted about money mobility moves. Essentially they’re mobility movements that I think will maximize your bang for buck when it comes to working on mobility in a time efficient manor. I talked last time about the plank wave, if you didn’t catch it I would highly encourage you to check it out […]

Weekly WOD Overview

  Monday Rather than 15 minutes straight AMRAP this one is broken up with just a little run and some double unders.  Even though it’s not the same movement pattern, the double unders can still make the pullups and pushups challenging, so Rx’d, ADV. and BEEF folks should break up the pushups or ring dips […]

October Challenge: Rope Climbs!

Time to step up our rope climb game! Since we’ve been implementing our skills sessions during class a lot lately, I think it’s a good time to put a little challenge out there. For October, I’m officially challenging you to a rope climb stamina test….with some prizes for the winners. This is for all Sweat Shoppers […]

Ring Row Technique

Ring Rows are an amazing tool for developing pulling strength. Unlike the strict pull up where you support all of your bodyweight, you can easily dictate how much weight you want to support in the ring row. This allows you to increase the amount of pulling volume you can perform. Simply slide your feet forward and the […]