Month: September 2018

The Sports Gene: Hardware and Software

I read this book a while ago and enjoyed it so much that I use it in one of the classes I teach at Saint Mary’s. If you are into sports, improving human performance, and want to dive into the factors that separate the best from the rest, this is a good one! I revisited a chapter […]

Active Recovery Workouts

I am sure by now many of you have heard the term “active recovery” get thrown around a lot. It can take on many different forms for people, but simply put, its an activity where you focus mostly on restorative movement that is executed at a much lower intensity than your regular workout. Whether thats in the […]

WOD Review 9/3/18

Monday Happy Labor Day everyone! Today’s focus will simply be on intensity. All the movements I’ve chosen for this workout today are relatively simple, so it’s up to you to determine how hard you want to go! Go ahead and grab a partner or 2 and see how many reps you guys can get all […]