Month: August 2018

Competing Vs. Training

What kind of mindset do you have when you walk into the gym? Is your goal to always go as fast, or as heavy as possible? Or, do you want to get better at a specific movement or skill regardless of time or loading? The approach you take to your day to day workouts can […]

Leader Board Challenge & Upcoming Raffle

7 weeks ago I put the challenge out there to you guys to see how much movement we could get on the leader board. Here’s who got up on the leader board, or moved up (and the respective workout/exercise) in the last 7 weeks: Taneya – 1 mile Run Jeff G. – 403m Run Sekai […]

Sweat Shop BBQ – Sunday Aug. 19th – 12:00pm @ Heather Farms

The Sweat Shop BBQ is coming up next Sunday Aug.19th, 12:00pm at Heather Farms Park in Walnut Creek!  Bring the kids, bring your spouse or significant other, bring whoever!  Sweat Shop will be providing the drinks and meat, you guys just bring a side dish.  We have reserved the tables located between the volleyball courts […]

WOD Review 8/6/18

Monday Like we’ve been doing for the past few weeks, for this week’s skill session, there will be different options for you depending on where you stand with overall skill. For today, the skill session will be geared towards getting your handstand push up handstand walk. Check out the different tiers down below, they range from […]