Month: June 2018

Introducing: Assault Air Runner

Most of you probably have noticed the gigantic new piece of equipment hanging out in the corner of the Sweat Shop. That my friends, is our new Assault Air Runner. Not just your ordinary treadmill, the Air Runner is designed to improve running mechanics and offer an alternative to running outdoors in the crazy heat we […]

Weekly WOD Insights 6/25/18

MONDAY I did this conditioning format the last two times Nabil had programmed them. What I really like about this format is that you don’t just get a taste of the row or bike, you go back to it every single minute. For those of you who need to get better at biking or rowing […]

Hamstring Life

Hamstrings – Responsible for Knee Flexion and Hip Extension That’s more of the generic definition of the responsible of the muscle group, but it goes much deeper than that. In terms of athletic performance, the hamstrings do much more. Hamstrings are responsible for speed, explosiveness, deceleration, and stability just to name a few. Most individuals […]

Overarching in the Squat

When it comes to gaining more insight on specific movements I have a few go to resources I like to utilize. One of these resources is Squat University. I have used them many times before in my blog posts because they put out top notch information that is very relevant to anyone interested in squatting, […]

Weekly Workout Overview – 6/18/18

Monday – Even though it’s been almost one year since I did this workout, I distinctly remember it for it’s intensity and simplicity.  Choose a version that you can link or hit QUICK singles on the ground to overhead.  In all reality, this should be a clean & jerk, unless you want to practice snatches […]

Fraser Details His Regiment

Saw this video a couple days ago on Matt Fraser detailing his regiment and a little into his mindset on the grind of training for the CF Games. Give it a watch if you have a couple minutes. I thought it was really good perspective for not only the elite athlete point of view but […]

Leader Board Movement… LET’S GO!

  We’ve still got some blank spots on the leaderboard that need to be filled!  We also have some “dark horses” and some “leaderboard lurkers” that I’d like to lure out of the woodwork!  So this pic is where the leader board currently stands, and from now until the next 4-6 weeks we want to […]

Weighted Prayer Stretch

Disclaimer: This post has nothing to do with the actual act of praying. Im always looking for ways to improve flexibility and mobility as they are both very important to not only performance in the gym, but also performance in life! Some of the things I have been trying to incorporate more recently have been […]

6/11/18 Weekly Wod Review

Monday Feel free to mix and match today’s workout. All the movements are relatively simple and the descending reps will help keep you guys going mentally as you get closer to the finish line. With that being said, this is a good workout to practice those mind games to keep you moving along. 603m Run (800m) […]