Month: April 2018

Community: The Real Fitness X-Factor

Let me start with a disclaimer.  This post isn’t just in support of the business model (CrossFit/group fintess) that I happen to operate.  This article, from Breaking Muscle, rings especially true to me lately as I’ve recently become much more motivated to train being a part of a “community”…. of two people that is, Helen […]

Understanding Intensity

The other day after a short burner met con I was talking with Aaron (pronounced A A Ron) about how effective some of the shorter workouts can be. We both agreed that you really do not need a ton of time to get in a very effective workout. If you understand the intent of the […]

Feel the Rhythm

I did a post on circadian rhythms a few years back and was recently reminded of how’ in today’s world, we can easily throw our rhythm out of wack. On the hunt for better sleep, and increased energy, I started paying attention to when I was letting blue light in after dark. I soon realized […]

Weekly WOD Insights 4/9/18

MONDAY We’ve followed this EMOM format for some time now. It’s a great way to gradually warm-up, keep you focused and on task during the session, and it forces you to make quick adjustments. That being said, some of you who are just starting out with the fundamental or have a few technical faults, could really benefit […]

Operation PR Run!

Grab your running shoes! While a big motivation for this is simply to see the legendary Driscoll 5:31 Sweat Shop mile record be broken, this challenge is for anyone looking to improve upon their short/middle distance time trials. The top male mile and 800m records are held by two that are no longer members and […]

Intro: Suitcase Deadlifts and KB Windmills

Over the past month or so, I’ve been trying to find some accessory exercises to add into my normal programming. I’ve found a few that I’ve started to incorporate into my daily warm up for activation purposes, and even as the focus of my training on any given day. Two exercises that I would like to introduce to […]

Would you like some Yin with that Yang?

When you think of Yin and Yang you think of balance. Light/Dark, Cold/Hot, Quiet/Loud, these are some examples we can think of that together will create balance. We do our best to create balance in our everyday lives but I think we could all (including myself) use some improvement in this area.

WOD Overview & Insights 4/2/18

It seems like every holiday is an excuse to over-eat… or maybe that’s just me!  Aside from the standard Easter treats, I found myself overindulging from Roam Burger, to Smitten, and even sushi at Blue Gingko!  But worry not, if you too are guilty of the same or similar, there are plenty of opportunities this […]