Month: April 2018

WOD Insights 4/30/18

  Monday – While many of you have gotten some good drill work while doing our 10 minutes of skill prior to some of our metcons, this week we’re gonna go back to an alternating EMOM format to develop the fundamental strength needed to get that first muscle up or handstand pushup.  If you already […]

Welcome Bradlee and Anthony!

Congrats to the newest editions to the Sweat Shop families! The boy train is running strong in 2018! Brian and Cathy Kenny welcomed their first born, Bradlee, aka BK Broiler Jr, into this world on March 23 weighing 8lbs 7 ounces! Tony and Bridget Kafouros welcomed their baby boy, Anthony, aka, “Trip”, into this world […]

Friday Night Lights. Coming Soon to a Park Near You.

Last year we had a HUGE turnout for basketball, beers, and music at Larkey Park! As the day’s start to get longer, allergies start to kick in, and the heat begins to turn up look for some Friday Night Lights on the courts! More details to come soon, so keep an eye out on the Facebook […]

Golfers Elbow Fix

Within the past year or so I have noticed an increase in elbow pain, specifically medial epicondylitis (or Golfers Elbow as its more commonly known), within the Sweat Shop community. Golfers elbow is when your tendons on the inside of the elbow becomes inflamed and causes pain. This pain on the inside of your elbow from […]

Weekly WOD Insights 4/23

Monday Compare this workout to 1/11/18. The first portion of this AMRAP is all about the run. The power cleans should be light and something you are comfortable with cycling through. The second portion, or AMRAP, is where we will pull your score from. You’ll want to move quickly on the runs but not so much […]

Snatch-Back Friday! A couple weeks ago I filtered a bunch of snatch videos out from the “Coaches Eye” archive section in my Photos app. I thought it would be fun to compare some recent ones with those I found when I just started doing CrossFit. I couldn’t help but laugh at all of the early snatches. […]

Tips For More Sleep and Better Sleep

Rene recently made a post talking about blue light and how it can negatively impact sleep, and in turn, take a toll on our health. In general, we talk about sleep a lot because it is really important!! If we get the optimal amount, and quality of sleep, we can see a lot of our health markers improve. On […]

CrossFit Age Group Qualifiers Start This Week

Good luck to our Age Group Qualifiers, Mo, Jacqueline and Braydan, who will be taking on 3-5 workouts from Thursday to Monday as they compete for a spot in the 2018 CrossFit Games!  They’ve worked hard all year and this is the final qualifying step before the CrossFit Games!  

Multitasking Fail

I typically draw inspiration from my life when sitting down to write the blog. This is one such blog post. Please, join me, on a walk down memory lane while I tell a tail of epic fail proportions. The other day, waking up feeling exceptionally full of vim and vigor, I woke up before my alarm. With […]

Weekly WOD Review 4/16/18

Monday For most this workout contains very short reps with relatively simple movements. My intent for this workout is to keep people moving from one movement to the other without taking too much time in between. Push ups are usually the limiting factor with most, or handstand push ups for adv and beefy folks, but I […]