Month: March 2018

Conditioning your Skills

As some of you start to add more skills (muscle ups, pull ups, chest to bar pull ups, handstand push ups, rope climbs, etc…) to your bag of tricks, the next step would be to use them in workouts! One thing that I try to remind folks is that just because you can do a […]

18.3 Highlight Video

18.3 is in the books, this was a fun workout to watch for sure! Great job to everyone who competed this past week and a big shout out to those of you who worked hard on getting those muscle ups. Whether you got a muscle up or not, the effort and atmosphere in the gym was amazing! […]

Got Stability?

The past couple of weeks we have had some exciting moments in the Open. We have seen people smash Clean PRs AFTER performing 55 dumbbell squats and bar facing burpees! Some have even got revenge on the much dreaded double unders that have given them so much trouble. We have even seen some people get […]

Weekly WOD Insights 3/12/18

Lot’s of first time muscle upper/handstand pushup/walkers lately. Or damn near close calls. Keep up the great work on the part A skill work! MONDAY Bring on the RAIN! Sweat Shop Tahoe trip soon? Enjoy the outside and ultra-violet vitamins while we have it on this one! The movements inside should be quick and intense […]

18.3 Warm-Up and Tips

18.3 is a nice little test of double under prowess and gymnastics skills! Nabil posted a nice active warm-up and tips to think about after he did the workout yesterday. Check them out below! Good luck to everyone this weekend! 18.3 Warmup -Flat 400m course job -Pigeon and Couch Stretches and Lacross ball shoulders and […]

Competing after the Open

As we approach the halfway point of the 2018 CrossFit Open, I can see the competitive fire being lit inside a lot of you guys! First and foremost, I hope you all are having fun getting the opportunity to test your fitness with whatever Dave Castro throws at us. Secondly, I look forward to seeing the […]

Small Whiteboard PSA and 18.2 Highlights

Thanks to Erin, we have a collection of  small whiteboard squares sitting in the cubbies (I was originally corrected by Nabil on this, Sorry Erin!). These are great for writing down what the workout is, so we do not have to make trips over to the whiteboard if we forget it, and they can also allow […]

Get Your Mind Right – Decluttering

There is something quite relaxing and calming to me about sitting down and relaxing in a clean and clutter free home. With a toddler, those days are far and few between, but recently, I have adapted principals that help me with my goal of living a clutter free life. A few months ago, a client gave […]

Weekly WOD Insights 3/5/18

Monday On Thursday evening, after the announcement of 18.2 I realized we had an odd number of 35lb. dumbbells at the gym…. and with heats starting the next day, I wanted to get one ASAP.  So I went to Target, and in true male fashion I opted not to get a shopping cart.  First thing […]

Fitness and Conditioning

I read this article recently and wanted to share it with you Sweat Shoppers on contrasting the concepts of fitness versus conditioning. One being more a “potential” marker of performance while the other is a skill set. While I think this article is directed moreso towards coaches, as athletes, having an understanding of this might […]