Month: September 2017

Featured Athlete: Livi Y.

If you come to the Sweat Shop in the afternoon, you’ve no doubt worked out with Livi.  One would think that she has the perfect job with zero stress, because every time she comes into the gym she greets us with a warm smile and a super positive attitude!  You can even count on her […]

Tempo Squats

It’s no secret that we incorporate either back or front squats for strength every week. Whether the rep scheme calls for 7’s, 5’s, across, or ascending sets we all agree that these are a foundation in our programming. For this post, I wanted to add another dimension to your squatting repertoire. Tempo Squats! If you’ve […]

10 Minute Walk

Some people view me as an old soul. My nickname from some of my best friends is “Dad” because I have some habits that are…lets just say dad like. Between making terrible puns on a regular basis and and driving the ever economical and financially friendly 2016 hyundai sonata, I might as well be 50, […]

Weekly WOD Review

Doesn’t it look like Scott needs his own afternoon talk show called, “The Wod Review”? Some insight and tips for this weeks workouts. Enjoy. MONDAY  A.) Front Squat 7-7-7-7-7 Ascending Weights B.) AMRAP in 9 Minutes 10 Barbell Lunges 75/55, 95/65 (Beef DB: 50/35) (Beef+ DB or KB 50+/35+) 1 Wall Walk w/ :10 sec […]

Weekend Warriors/Individual Variation In Olympic Lifting

Big ups to our always inspiring masters athletes, Chief Mike and Lones, who competed in the NorthEast Masters Classic all the way in Rhode Island! They both had awesome finishes! Lones took first place in the 60+ division and Mike took 5th place in the 60+ division. CrossFit masters competitions for the 60+ age group […]

In-vest In Your Workouts!

Yup, I got a weight vest and I’m going to use it! Here are some workouts I plan on doing if anyone would like to join me! If not, I’ll let you know how they went. Either one is cool with me! 20:00 AMRAP 403m Run 10 Burpees   10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Air Sqauts Push Ups Strict […]

How’s Your Push Up?

If you have read my blog posts in the past you’ll notice that a topic that I like to touch on fairly frequently is movement quality (and coffee!). I write about it because I think it is extremely important when it comes to movement. Quality should always come before quantity. As CrossFitters we love our […]

Crowd Cow

Lately, we’ve been getting all of our beef from crowd cow. We’ve done two shipments already, and I must say, their beef is some of the best I’ve ever had. I appreciate their business model and commitment to self sustainability. Not only is their beef delicious, but reasonably priced as well. Check out more below: Hutterian […]

WOD’s for the Week – Review

I wanted to try something new this week.  As I’m sure most of you already know, we take our programming very seriously, and are quite proud of all that we put into it.  In addition to posting the entire week in advance so that you may plan both physically and mentally, this week I decided […]

Flash Back Friday: Tug of War There have been many classic upsets in the years of our old CrossTown Throwdown against CFO/EGA. Alfredo and Claxton beating some huge dudes in a 155# partner Franoff event, Ali beating a 2-year regional athlete head to head in a Tabata thruster event, and JD making a comeback final leg of a master’s Helen […]