CrossFit Sweat Shop – Walnut Creek


Every Minute on the Minute

Oh the ever familiar EMOM format! Chances are a majority of you have seen this format in one way or another, we use it a lot when we program some strength workouts. For example… 14:00 EMOM 2 Squat Cleans or Squat Snatches 14:00 Alt EMOM 5 Deadlifts 10 Push Ups 8:00 Alt[…]

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Sprinkle in the Volume

Over the past couple of months something that I think has been a great addition to the gym is the Sweaty Swag Board (Thanks Nabil!). Every time I look at it there is something new added. Whether its extra credit burpees, a PR, or someone writing a personal goal, that thing[…]

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Functional Training

I always get a kick out of this guy! Get your functional training on people! Bench press and bicep curls all DAY! Check it out…you’re in for a good laugh.

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