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Omega 3


From last week’s Sweat Shop staff meeting

Grilled King Salmon
Fresh Mango
Fresh Red Onion
Fresh Cilantro
Fresh Mint
Lime Juice
Mixed Greens

Salmon is a delicious source of Omega-3 fatty acids.  Check out these Omega-3 related articles:

Omega-3 fatty acids may reduce the risk of colon cancer
Omega- 3 fatty acids reduce risk of advanced prostate cancer
New study links DHA type of Omega-3 to better nervous system function

**Please note, due to the Fran Off, there will be just one class at the Sweat Shop this Saturday Nov. 13th @ 8am**


Monday’s WOD:

“The Alex”

As many rounds as possible in 12 minutes:
2 Snatches
(Rx’d 135#/95#)
2 Overhead Squats
2 Clean & Jerk
2 Rope Climbs


Fran Off this Saturday


The Fran Off is this coming Saturday!  The event is sold out, but anyone is more than welcome to come and watch, 10:00am at the Sweat Shop.  Here are some more athlete profiles from some of the competitors.

Athlete: Candace
Gym: CrossFit Oakland
Years CrossFitting: 4 “ish”  years
Stats: Clean & Jerk 185×1
45:01 Linda (performed on 11/7/10, likely sore until 11/14/10)

Athlete: Chad
Gym: Rocklin CrossFit
Stats: 1st place at California Firefighter CrossFit Olympics
“Can occasionally keep up with my buddy Gary (he is very good)”

Athlete: Al
Gym: CrossFit Sweat Shop
Years CrossFitting: Just over 1 year
Stats: “I chill in my car and listen to “All I Do Is Win” before every WOD, even though I know I’m going to hear it several times in the Sweat Shop.”

Athlete: Lydia
Gym: CrossFit Oakland
Years CrossFitting: 2.5
Stats: Deadlift 241×55
“Got pneumonia 2 days before 2010 NorCal Sectionals, but I’m pretty sure I would have been top 3.”

**Please note, due to the Fran Off, there will be just one class at the Sweat Shop this Saturday Nov. 13th @ 8am**


Saturday’s WOD:


15 Squat Clean to Overhead (Rx’d 115#/80#)
200m Double Medball Carry

12 Squat Clean to Overhead
200m Double Medball Carry

9 Squat Clean to Overhead
200m Double Medball Carry

*(Men use (1)20 & (1)14lb. medball, Women use (1)14 & (1)10lb. medball



A.) Bench Press (sets across)

B.) As many rounds as possible in 10 minutes:
4 Muscle Ups
6 Burpees
30 Double Unders


CrossFit Competition in Tahoe

womentahoewaterPicture by

Equipment companies Rogue Fitness and Again Faster recently formed teams of male and female athletes to go head to head in a team competition in Tahoe.  Many of the workouts are creative and use the given environment to test athletes in ways that they may not have trained for inside the confines of their gym.  Add to that the difficulty that exercising at altitude brings, and you’ve got a recipe for some pretty intense competitions!  Check out one of the videos below.  All of the workouts can be seen on

Event 12 ( Windows / Mac )


Legitness of the Week

Deadlift PR’s
Elisa 155×3
Aaron 533×1 Sweat Shop Record
Bill 209×3
Nancy 115×3
Steve 215×3

“Fran” PR’s
Nathan 3:48 Rx’d
John Moff. 2:56 Rx’d

Back Squat PR’s
Lones 180×5
John P. 155×5
Donna C. 140×5
Nima 205×5
Katherine 100×5


Friday’s WOD:

A.) Back Squat
Max REPS Strict Pullups

B.) 8 minutes:

20 Burpees
then as many rounds as possible of:
10 KB Swings
10 Pushups



Thursday’s WOD:

A.) “Diane”
Deadlifts (225/155)
Handstand Pushups

B.) “Grip-tastic”

403m Run
(2) Rope Ascents
200m DB Farmer’s Walk
15 Knees to Elbow
Accumulate 30 seconds of towel grip deadhang

*perform 7 burpees each time you drop from towel


Beyond the Whiteboard


Many of you have been inquiring about how to better keep track of your workout results and progress gained. At the Sweat Shop, we are now offering our members access to “Beyond the Whiteboard”. This is a website were you can track, display, and analyze ALL of your crossfit data. This includes: logging results from Sweat Shop WODs and/or WODs you do elsewhere, GOALS, daily meals, weigh ins, as well having the option to see where your results lie in specific age, sex, and experience categories in CrossFit gyms across the country. The website automatically tracks your “Personal Bests” and updates them when you reach a goal.

This is a great way to stay into it. Many times we all hit a fitness “speed bump” down the road and it usually takes a lot to get back into the gym. By having easy access to your results and being able to see your progress, this might help you avoid those speed bumps and stay motivated. Does this mean you HAVE to do it? NO. Many of you workout for different reasons and have different ways of staying motivated. We just thought it would be a great opportunity to make it available for those who would like to use it.

Several of you have accounts at Feel free to post your results, as we have been posting the WOD’s daily. It’s FREE!!!! If you have not received an account and would like to start or have any other questions about Beyond The Whiteboard, contact me at

Check out some of these screen captures of the Sweat Shop’s “Beyond the Whiteboard” site: Front Page, Aaron DL, Joel’s Goals,


Wednesday’s WOD:




Introducing your friends to CrossFit?

There are correct and incorrect ways to introduce your friends to CrossFit.  First video illustrates the correct way.  Second video, incorrect way.


Tuesday’s WOD:

As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes:
12 KB Swings
6 Burpees
6 Ring Dips
12 Box Jumps

*finish with (1) 403m run before time expires


New Sweat Shop Record

Aaron continues to raise the Sweat Shop deadlift record.  Nice job!


Monday’s WOD:

4 Rounds

Every 7 minutes complete:

403m Run
Bench Press MAX REPS
Ring Rows w/ towel grip MAX REPS
Toes to Bar MAX REPS


Get a Grip!

giana_pumpkin_deadlift_medPinch grip pumpkin deadlifts to build grip strength

Once your grip fatigues or fails it doesn’t matter how much more “juice” you have in your legs or elsewhere, if you can’t hold onto the bar, rope, kettlebell or dumbbell, you’re done.  Ever try to do pullups on a fat bar, like those found at playgrounds, and you are stumped when you are only able to do half the number of pullups?  Or perhaps you’ve used one of the 15KG bars at the Sweat Shop, and noticed how the same amount of weight feels lighter because the diameter of the bar is smaller and you are able to get a better grip.  A strong grip is not only important in the gym, but is used everyday, regardless of gender, occupation, or any other factors.  Expect a greater emphasis on grip strengthening exercises and workouts at the Sweat Shop.  Check out this article from the CrossFit Journal.

“Although we CrossFitters do our share of both heavy slow lifts and Olympic lifts, where grip plays an important role, grip is probably not something many of us actively focus on training. But grip strength is no less important to us than to full-time powerlifters, Olympic lifters, strongmen, or grapplers. In fact, the nature of our broad training approach means that we have a greater need for healthy hands and multi-dimensional hand strength than most sport-specific athletes. We are also exposed to more potential hand and forearm injuries. Those CrossFitters in law enforcement and combat duties and sports are already aware of the importance of a strong grip and may want to give this training area even more emphasis. This article is an overview of grip strength and will suggest ways to add hand and forearm strength and conditioning work to your training, complete with a sample weekly workout plan at the end.
There are three broad categories of grip strength: crushing, pinching, and supporting….”

Read full article here.


Saturday’s WOD:


5 Rounds

40 Double Unders
30 Box Jumps
20 KB Swings
10 Toes to Bar



A.) Deadlift

B.) 400m Row
10 Deadlifts @ 70% 3 rep max
30 Pullups
10 Deadlifts @ 70% 3 rep max
30 Burpees


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