💰🐦🎄Money Mobility Moves 3: The Holiday Pigeon edition 🎄🐦💰

I figured with the holidays coming up and lots of potential sitting ensuing, I would give you guys a nice money mobility move you can go to to if you need to open up some tight hips. Today I will be talking about the pigeon pose, but not just your regular lay on the ground pigeon. I’m here to talk about some variations that I think will allow you to get more out of your pigeoning. If you’re new to this series, go back and check out some of the other money mobility moves I posted about, which you can find here 🎅🏻and here 🎅🏻.

    T demonstrating an elevated pigeon pose on a box.

The pigeon pose is a great stretch, it’s a go to for a lot of us when we are trying to unwind some tension in our hips. You’ll see it present in a lot of our warm ups as CrossFit tends to be a pretty demanding activity on the hips. Even though this stretch is great for many reasons, there are still some ways that you can make it even better! I always want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your time. Thats what this money mobility moves series is all about! Giving you more bang for your 💵. Now, even if you don’t share the same excitement as me for stretching, don’t let that deter you from giving the upcoming variations a shot!

The first variation I am going to talk about is an elevated pigeon pose. If you have taken a morning class with me over the past couple of weeks, I may have introduced you to this variation, and its because its one of my favorites! All you need is a plyo box, but really any elevated surface can suffice (a bench, coffee table, couch), so long as you can comfortably get your leg up there into a pigeon pose. A nice aspect about the box is it allows you to leverage some of your bodyweight to increase the stretch on your hip. I also find that you can drop your torso towards your foot and get a nice QL (quadratus lumborum aka low back) stretch. This stretch is great to do pre, or post workout.

I know not everyone will get as excited as Nicole is here about stretching, but try these pigeons out! You might come to really benefit from them!

The second variation I am going to talk about is the active pigeon, or the pulsing pigeon as JB and I have called it before. If you haven’t heard already, JB and I have come up with a series dubbed Movement: Refocused. We will be exploring some more commonly known movements and refocusing on technique and execution to help you all get the most out of them. JB put together a great hip mobility video in which he talks about the pulsing pigeon, so definitely go check it out if you’re looking to up your hip mobility game. Another great video I have found is this one, where it covers how to turn the pigeon pose into an active stretch, rather than a passive pose. This variation is great because you’re teaching your hip how to actively move through this new range of motion. The active pigeon is a great piece to do before any leg intensive day as it will open your hips up quicker, and have them better prepared for high intensity movement.

These are just a couple of variations to elevate (see what I did there 😉) your pigeon game. If you find that you have a hard time getting into the grounded pigeon, or just want to get a bit of a different stretch, try the elevated pigeon. If you’re looking for something to prep you for a leg intensive day, give the active pigeon a shot. As always, if you need help with the execution of the stretch, or finding out which may be best for you, come talk to a coach! Happy Holidays to everyone  🎄🎅🏻🎄!